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I am a one-person business in Yamhill, Oregon. Since 1995, I've designed over eighty complete Web sites and parts of others. I began building sites as favors for friends. From that experience, I found I enjoyed it so much, I wanted to continue. My business has grown mostly from recommendations of satisfied customers.

Other income makes it unnecessary to depend upon web designing for a living. Therefore, I charge far less than the prevailing national average rate for professional web designers for this area and my skill level.

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Our design styles specialize in bungalow, contemporary, Asian, northwest, craftsman, eclectic, traditional, and modern.
I am Darin Wright, a second-generation painter with over 22 years hands-on experience with my father Truman Wright with over 40 years experience.
Poulsen Cascade Tackle has been serving the needs of anglers primarily in the Pacific Northwest for over 70 years!
photos from across the United States and selected areas around the world, with an emphasis on landscape images from Oregon, Washington, California, and the Western U.S.
The Yamhill County Cultural Coalition's mission is to increase cultural resources and opportunities in Yamhill County.
David Hill Winery is named for its geographical location. The name of the hill we sit on is David’s Hill, for Frederick David, an Oregon pioneer from the 1800’s.
McMinnville Hearth and Barbeque has been serving Yamhill County for five fabulous years. We are locally owned and operated and pride ourselves on being in tune with the needs of McMinnville.

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